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dogbert for those, who aren't interested: out out !

for those, who are:

earth welcome to rebirthman's world of hobbies,
interest, opinions and style :-)
work working makes me living as a:
nuttymouse headcrashed labormouse who's going nuts
lavalamp at home, my life is like:
bass i feel the bass
milka eat a lot of chocolate
porsche959 dream of powerful cars
marsattacks meet me with my friends
skaterk2 inline millions of meters
pina drink lots of pina colada
ckone go to the café or to the disco
joggennike run millions of meters
dreamwomanheart dream of romantic hours
0190_939393 view hours and hours television
3dhomer let the computer render traces the hole day long
arnie view arnie movies in the cinema
jarre dream of cool concerts i've never been
jupiter look to the sky in the night to see some 'schnuppen'
macdonalds go to mac donalds to eat a mac rib
oscar go to bed when everybody sucks
redalert play red alert millions of hours
t2skull think i am the bad guy
1701d12 engage with picard where no one has gone before
starwars meet interesting people
dicker flippy kuschel with my stoffanimals
mimi mimi2 play games with my cat 'mimi'
amd k6-2 333mhz i hope my computer gets faster than...
rasen drive with my car
dance dance to trance
levis i wear levis jeans
calls telephon hours and hours
quake have some frags while playing quake
icq chat over icq ;-)
simpsons laugh about the simpsons
telescope watch stars the hole night long

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